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H2Oh! on the GO! 

Armstrong Conservation District has launched a new conservation project for the county and other rural counties within the Ohio River Watershed: H2Oh! on the Go! Mobile Environmental Display (MED) – a traveling exhibit, modeled after Carnegie Science Center’s popular H2Oh! Why Our Rivers Matter exhibit, consisting of a trailer and compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle designed to educate the public about our valuable natural resources.  The Mobile Environmental Display is an education and outreach project intended to reach all age groups over a diversity of educational venues including community event locations, schools, and other public facilities.

Funded by Colcom Foundation with additional funding provided by EQT Corporation for the CNG tow vehicle, visitors to the MED will be able to interact with 10 displays for hands-on scientific enrichment that focus primarily on water education and conservation.

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Armstrong County Farm Receives Clean Water Farm Award

The Pennsylvania Association of Conservation Districts, Inc. (PACD) in conjunction with the award sponsor, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), presented the operators of five farms across Pennsylvania with the Clean Water Farm Award. The honor is awarded annually to farmers who manage their daily farm operations in an environmentally conscious manner that helps to protect Pennsylvania’s water quality. The 2017 Clean Water Farm Award Recipient for the Southwest Region is Billy Porter.

Porter owns a beef farm in Vandergrift, PA consisting of 70 acres of cropland and pasture. There are three un-named tributaries to Carnahan Run and the main stem of Carnahan Run that flows through the Porter farm. Over the last several years, riparian forest buffers, streambank fencing, roof runoff management, roofed manure storage, and several other best management practices were installed. The Armstrong Conservation District said, “Billy Porter has been a great advocate for conservation practices in Armstrong County. He continuously welcomes farmers to tour his farm operation and talks to them about the benefit of implementing agricultural best management practices.”

The Clean Water Farm award was initiated in 1986. Recipients of the award are nominated by their local county conservation districts. For more information, visit http://www.pacd.org.


Agricultural Resource Conservationist Jessica Schaub presents farmer Billy Porter with a sign recognizing him as a 2017 Clean Water Farm Award recipient at his farm on July 17, 2017


Armstrong County Envirothon 2017


Mayor and County Day for National Service

Mayor and County Day for National Service

Armstrong County Commissioners Pat Fabian, George Skamai, Jason Renshaw, Kittanning Borough Mayor Kirk Atwood, Ford City Borough Mayor Jeff Cogley, Pennslvania Mountain Service Corps (PMSC) Program Director Carol Overly, PMSC Regional Coordinator Jill Latuch, AmeriCorps Members at Armstrong Conservation District (ACD) Katelyn Good and Larissa Rice, ACD staff Jessica Schaub, Lenape Tech instructor Steve Misera and Natural Resources Technology students packed trees for Armstrong Conservation District’s annual fruit tree and seedling sale and the Arbor Day program on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 11AM in celebration of Mayor and County Recognition Day for National Service in the Natural Resources Technology department at Lenape Tech School. The event promotes partnership between ACD, AmeriCorps, Lenape Tech, and elected officials. Jill Latuch says “We hope to build public awareness about the value of national service to the county.”

Proceeds from the tree sale help to fund environmental education programs in Armstrong County, such as Arbor Day, Mobile Environmental Display, environmental education programs at the Crooked Creek Environmental Learning Center, and school programs with Armstrong County schools. For the past 50 years, Armstrong Conservation District has provided each third-grade student in Armstrong County with an evergreen seedling to plant with their parents to celebrate Arbor Day. Along with the evergreen seedlings, students also receive a handout with information on how to properly plant and care for their new trees and the history of Arbor Day. Teacher packets are included so that teachers can incorporate Arbor Day into their science curriculum.

Events like this provide an opportunity to introduce programs that promote stewardship of natural resources and showcase non-point source pollution and conservation work done by ACD and partnering organizations. One example of these programs is the new ACD WA.T.E.R. GeoTrail, which was designed by AmeriCorps members to encourage members of the public to visit these sites. Other projects worked on by AmeriCorps members at the conservation district include, creating the new district website, armstrongcd.org, maintaining the district Facebook page, data loggers and other assistance to watershed groups, assisting with Agriculture workshops, Dirt, Gravel, and Low Volume Road program, Legislative Breakfast, and the annual Fall Legislative Tour.

The ACD W.A.T.E.R. GeoTrail is now active!


Visit the GeoTrail page to print your map and get started! Happy Caching!!

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