Help us plan our next five years of conservation in Armstrong County:

The Armstrong Conservation District is preparing to develop a new strategic plan to guide the District programs for the next 5 years. From this document, the District develops an annual action plan designed to implement elements of the Strategic Plan. The District is seeking input from the public on how our current District programs may better serve our citizens. New ideas are welcomed that may be used to create new programs for the betterment of our County. Your input is both sought and welcomed. The District has created a “Survey Monkey” to enable you to provide comments that the Board of Directors of the District will use as they develop this document. Participate in the Survey



As a service to the area landowners, the Armstrong Conservation District will conduct its 44th Annual fruit tree and seedling sale. This year, the District will offer some 19 varieties of fruit trees and seedlings. For more information and order forms, click HERE


The ACD W.A.T.E.R. GeoTrail is now active!


Visit the GeoTrail page to print your map and get started! Happy Caching!!

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