Funded Projects

Below is a listing of projects the DGLVR Program was able to provide funding for this year’s construction season.


Municipality Road Name
Atwood Boro. North Jefferson St
Bethel Twp. T-427 Silvis Hill Rd
Brady’s Bend Twp. T-427 BB Cemetery Rd
Cadogan Twp. T-416 Duffy Rd
Cowanshannock Twp. T-720 N. Miller Rd
Elderton Boro. South Wood St
Gilpin Twp. T-424 Rowe Rd.
Kittanning Boro. Orchard Ave
Mahoning Twp. T-804 Curly’s Rd
Manor Twp. T-515 Manor Dr. Ext.
N. Apollo Boro. Peach St.
Parks Twp. T-456 Ash Rd
Parks Twp. T-455 Piper Hill Rd
Perry Twp. T-346 Knox Rd
Plumcreek Twp. T-678 Reefer Hollow Rd
Plumcreek Twp. T-630 Village Rd
Rayburn Twp. T-866 Cowanshannock Rd
South Buffalo Twp. T-846 Nicholson Run Rd
Sugarcreek Twp. T-324 Thompson Rd
Valley Twp. T-620 Lauster Rd
Wayne Twp. T-748 Creek Rd
West Franklin Twp. T-497 Bevington Rd
Manor Twp. Roston Circle Project
Wayne Twp. Sunrise Rd.