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Envirothon Competition
 Envirothon Competition
What is the Envirothon?

The Envirothon is a fun, competitive, and academic event that is designed to educate high school students in natural resource and environmental sciences.   It combines in-class curriculum and outdoor training to help high school students learn more about Aquatic Ecology, Forestry, Soil & Land Use, Wildlife, and Current Environmental Issues.

Each team is made of five students and can be mixed in terms of what grades the students are in.  The event is for students in grades 9-12.  The Envirothon website ( outlines what the learning objectives are for each station and already has the educational standards tied to each topic.  The website also has many of the resources that are needed to help prepare the students for the event.

Students involved in the Envirothon often pursue further education in environmental fields. Many Envirothon participants pursuing college degrees in various natural resource studies have indicated that their education choice was partly due, or strengthened by, their Envirothon experience.

The Armstrong County Envirothon is always held the last Wednesday in April at the Outdoor Discovery Center at Crooked Creek.  The event will be during school hours, so you do not have to worry about it interfering with the student's extra-curricular activities.

How can you help? 
You can support the natural resources and conservation education in Armstrong County by helping us educate our youth in protecting and wisely using our natural resources.  Donations of any amount are welcome. For additional information or to receive a sponsorship form, please contact Jessica Schaub, Envirothon Coordinator at (724) 545-3628.

For more information about Envirothon, please visit
Click here for results from the 2022 Pennsylvania Envirothon state competition.



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