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Apply for Funding
To apply for DGLVR Funding, a member of the Public Road owning entity must become Environmentally Sensitive Maintenance (ESM) certified by attending a two day ESM Training sponsored by the Penn State Center for Dirt and Gravel Roads.  The municipal person must be someone who performs the work or supervises the work.  The ESM Certification allows the municipality to remain eligible for funding for five years before additional training is required.  For additional information on ESM trainings, visit the PSU Dirt & Gravel Roads Center website at
After becoming certified, the municipality should contact the Armstrong Conservation District DGLVR Specialist at 724 548 3425 for an application packet and to schedule a review of the proposed work project.
The following criteria is used by the Quality Assurance Board to rank projects to recommend funding of a project site.
*Road Sediment in Stream *Wet Site Conditions *Road Surface Conditions *Road Slope
*Road Crown *Slope to Stream *Distance to Stream *Outlets to Stream *Outlet Stability
*Road Ditch Stability *Road Bank Stability *Canopy Cover *Off ROW Impacts *In Kind
*Cost Effectiveness *Stocked Trout Stream *High Quality Watersheds
The road owning entities past history of involvement in the program may also be taken into consideration. Past history of involvement includes all aspects of the DGLVR Program such as timeliness of completing a project, following of the submitted work plan, proper installation of ESM techniques, maintenance of previous projects, use of ESM techniques when performing maintenance on other non-project roads, proper administration of paperwork, communicating with the District and attendance to educational trainings conducted by the District. The QAB may recommend the awarding of funds to a road owning entity that has not previously participated in the program to encourage their present and future participation.
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124 Armsdale Rd, Suite 1
Kittanning, Pa 16201
Phone: 724-548-3425

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