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Land Development Services
The Armstrong Conservation District (ACD) administers the Pennsylvania Clean Streams Law, Chapter 102, the Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control (E&SPC) Program through a signed delegation agreement with the Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Water Quality Protection. The ACD has been a Level III District since 1988. Level III Districts review E&S plans, perform field inspections on earth disturbance sites, investigate complaints, and take enforcement action under the PA Clean Streams Law.
Sediment basins
Sediment basins are used as water detention areas during active construction. The stormwater drains to this basin and allows sediment to settle out. Once construction is complete, this basin will be converted to a permanent stormwater retention basin which will release stormwater at a controlled rate.
Compost Filter
Compost filter sock is a perimeter best management practice for erosion and sedimentation control. When properly installed and maintained as this picture depicts, it allows for water to sheet flow off of the site while the sock traps any sediment.
Inlet Filter
Inlet filter bags are installed to protect storm sewer inlets from sediment pollution. Inlet protection should be maintained until all earthwork is complete and stabilized.



124 Armsdale Rd, Suite 1
Kittanning, Pa 16201
Phone: 724-548-3425

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