Data Loggers
 In 2011, the Armstrong Conservation District partnered with the Kiski-Conemaugh Stream Team to expand their program initiated in Somerset County to monitor streams in the Kiski-Conemaugh River Basin. There are now five data loggers in place in three different streams in Armstrong County. The data logger locations are based on sensitive streams of concern in the county. These data loggers have provided the conservation district an opportunity to partner with different watershed associations and organizations. These loggers continuously acquire a stream’s water level, temperature, and conductivity every fifteen minutes 24/7. Though constantly recording, visiting the site and removing the logger from the stream and downloading the data to a laptop computer with the proper software must manually download the information. This data should be collected one to two times per month. Results are reviewed and sent to Kiski-Conemaugh Stream Team for further analysis. These results do not have any regulatory authority, but may help to guide future restoration projects. The data logger program has provided us with baseline data about the streams we are monitoring and provided us with recommendations and management practices to improve water quality.
Field parameters monitored include:
 • Conductivity
 • pH
 • Total Dissolved Solids
 • Alkalinity
 • Chlorides
 • Temperature
Testing Test Results
 Stream Curve Stream Meter bag Bottle