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Streambank Stabililization & Fish Habitat Structures
Streambank Stabilization and Instream Diversion Structures
Sediment pollution due to streambank erosion is a considerable water pollution source in Armstrong County. Increased amounts of sediment causes unfavorable odor and taste of drinking water resulting in higher costs for water treatment. Sediment build up in streams increases water temperature, decreases oxygen availability for aquatic life, and disrupts the life cycle of aquatic organisms. Streambank restoration/stabilization projects are implemented throughout Armstrong County to prevent or slow erosion and deterioration of our watersheds. ACD implemented hundreds of projects to reduce sediment discharge to our streams. Some of these efforts included installing rock and log J-hook vanes, crossvanes, and straight vanes and installing cribwalls and root wads to stabilize streambanks. These structures were positioned to direct the force of the water current away from the streambanks to reduce erosion.
Aquatic Habitat Improvements
In addition to stabilizing streambanks, streambank stabilization and instream diversion structures create habitat for aquatic organisms. Root wads provide cover and wood increases the retention of organic matter and nutrients. J-hook vanes create pool habitat that serve as cover, shelter, and resting areas for fish. Rock and log vanes enhance riffle habitat when installed in slower moving water areas. The faster flowing riffles mix oxygen into the water making the habitat favorable for aquatic organisms.
Stream Bank Erosion
This is an example of a potential streambank erosion project that we would undertake. Installing streambank stabilization and instream water flow diversion structures will decrease sediment pollution into the stream
Streambank Stabilization 
Streambank stabilization, fish habitat improvement project within Carnahan Run (completed March 2016) Root Wad (background), Log Vane and Rock Vane (foreground), Rock placed to stabilize banks and secure instream structures
 Streambank Stabilization
Streambank stabilization, fish habitat improvement project within Carnahan Run (completed April 2016) Rock vane placed instream and rock placed to stabilize bank
  Root Wad
The stem of a root wad is used to stabilize a streambank and divert water flow away from the bank. The root ball creates habitat for aquatic organisms such as cover for fish.



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