Envirothon Resource Study Bins

We have created a resource of study materials consisting of a series of bins of hands-on study aids, books, guides, skulls, furs and other materials relevant to the Armstrong County Envirothon and Pennsylvania Envirothon. These kits are intended to be borrowed by Envirothon Teams Advisors to prepare their students for the upcoming Envirothon.

We currently have four bins as follows:

  1. Educators Collection-includes materials for every station
  2. Tracks and Tracking- guide to identifying animal tracks and prints
  3. Hides and Furs- a selection of furs of native species
  4. Skulls- replicas of native species

Bins may be signed out for up to a two-week period with the exception of March and April which may be signed out for one week. Requests will be filled in the order in which they are received by Armstrong Conservation District. The Conservation District reserves the right to make adjustments in the schedule to ensure that each school gets an equal chance to utilize the bins. When not in use by the Envirothon teams, these bins may be utilized by other organizations as per the discretion of the conservation district.

For more information or to send in your request, please contact Jessica Schaub at 724-545-3628 or by email at jjschaub@co.armstrong.pa.us


Envirothon Resource Study Bins were purchased with funding from the EQT Foundation.

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